About Us


We love luxury. We love style. We love homes.

We are sisters with an eye for design and we have made it our business to make your home interiors and living and work spaces truly stunning.


We founded Urban Luxe Art in 2019 as a way of sharing the beautiful original art we were creating, but we really wanted to offer much more.


Our brand has now grown to include a wide range of art and luxury home furniture and decor choices.

Opulent wall mirrors, decadent seating, luxuriant throws and lavish lighting options we love them all.


We pride ourselves on personally choosing every item, selecting only those items which meet our strict criteria.

Stunning Design, Quality Workmanship, Luxe Style 

Whether you are looking for that unique piece to elevate your decor or for a very special gift
We have something for you.
It's time to indulge!
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