Spring Makeover

Spring Makeover

January 05, 2020

Your eyes have finally acclimatised to the dark mornings…and dark evenings.  You’ve enjoyed coming home to the warm cosy glow in your home, gratefully accepting the familiar features you’ve had for the past few years, then all of a sudden it’s spring and cosy has started to look dull.  Of course! It’s time for your spring clean and makeover.
That feeling as the bright sun rays cast a bright excitement over your home which isn’t always reflected in the dust your eyes may have missed during winter time.  The yearning for a bright and clean new look which takes hold as you deep clean your carpet and polish your glossy floors, this feeling is to be harnessed, for some, it only comes at this time of year.
The thought of a home makeover can sometimes feel daunting, the time, the cost, the choices!  Those ‘in the know’ know that a few little tricks can reduce the cost and the labour of a whole house transformation, yet still bring that beautiful ‘brand-new’ feeling to your space and prepare your home for the rest of the year.
Tip 1. A little paint goes a long way.  You may not be ready to start tearing down the reams of wallpaper lovingly hung a year ago (shhh we know it’s longer).  Choose just a wall or two in each room to brighten up with a clean and natural palette.  
Check the paintwork in places like door frames and skirting boards and give them a good cleaning to brighten them. If you really want to go for it give them a lick of water based gloss, it’ll keep its white colour for longer and the gloss will also reflect light around your home.
Tip 2. Update your focal point.  Most of us have a focal point, maybe it’s your fireplace, maybe your sofa or even your TV. Sure they can go if you’re really up for it, but why not change the accessories around them?  

A shiny new mirror can uplift even the most staid of spaces, choose new cushion covers, lighter curtains, a fancy storage cabinet or maybe even a bright new rug. 


               Tip 3. Add and arty piece. Whether classic original art, fashionable canvas, modern art prints or cutting edge metallic art, a well placed statement piece or two (or maybe three) can add the missing interest in your room.  Be frivolous with your art placement, start the excitement right from your front door, greet yourself and your guests with a piece that speaks volumes about your style.
So now you’ve done all that no-so-hard work, it’s time to peel back the curtains open up your windows
and welcome spring in with a nice cup of something you like!

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